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HJUG is dedicated to the use of the Java™ Technology. We are one of the many Java User Groups worldwide. HJUG thanks Rice University Computer Science Department, Professors Dan Wallach and Robert 'Corky' Cartwright for their continuous sponsorship.

HJUG also thanks the Computer Science Technology Department of Houston Community College System, especially Abbas Alamnehe.

HJUG Officers

Jim Bethancourt
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Vice President of Free Stuff:
Clay Smith
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Java Resource Coordinator:
Adam Roberts
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Houston TechFest Coordinator:
Stephen Nimmo
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Java Community Process Representative:
Daniel Solano Gómez
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Recognize, Assess, Reduce, and Manage Technical Debt + Teaching Kids Java

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
6:30 - 8:30 PM

Presented by

Jim Bethancourt

Technical Debt is a silently lurks in many codebases and is frequently the downfall of good projects, products, and teams. Confusion around defining technical debt as well as when and how to address it further exacerbate the problem. When technical debt is properly managed, software development and product management teams are able to deliver releases and features rather than excuses and bugs. In this presentation, we'll discuss:

  • How to recognize and assess technical debt
  • When it might be acceptable to take on technical debt
  • When to remove technical debt
  • Tools and approaches that can be used to assess, reduce, and manage technical debt

TEALS (Technology Education And Literacy in Schools) is a Microsoft Philanthropies program that helps high schools build and grow sustainable computer science programs through co-teaching partnerships with tech industry volunteers, and they would love your help! TEALS is currently partnering with 9 Houston area schools with 20 total for the 2017-2018 school year, and they need individuals with Java experience in particular. Christal will give a presentation about the program and what they're looking for in particular. Please visit their website at: https://www.tealsk12.org/volunteers/

Jim Bethancourt is a Sr. Software Developer at Triple Point Technology, and has led the Houston Java Users Group since 2007. He has given talks at the Houston JUG and at JavaOne.

Christal Thompson is the Regional Manager for TEALS. She is a STEM advocate who is passionate about computer science education. She is a former systems analyst, project manager, and IT consultant in the Oil and Gas Industry, and has a very diverse skill set: from computer programming to managing computer programmers to teaching this next generation. She has received individual awards, been on award winning corporate teams, and taught award winning students. She has been on international teams, taught students in 7 – 12th grades, coordinated science fairs, coached computer programming teams, directed staff professional development, and presented at state and national conferences. She also has a diverse interest base: from science fiction, to movies, to brain based learning, to traveling, to technology, to visiting family, to studying maps, to languages, to reading, to cooking, and has even self published a cookbook.

Meeting Sponsor: Genuent

In an industry that has faced steady pressure toward commoditization and decaying customer experience, we are committed to reintroducing the “human” into human capital. Born from the need for a fresh perspective on the business of IT staffing, Genuent embraces the idea that creating value and positive experiences for our customer families, both consultants and clients, is the path to sustainable success.

Genuent serves as the vessel for a set of shared values and principles which guide our team’s focus and efforts at every level. It is a framework for the creation of outstanding experiences for lasting relationships with our consultants and clients.

We are clear that a brand’s value is measured by the extent to which its aspirations and promises are realized in a material way. We are committed to building our brand one experience at a time.

Genuent only has eyes for IT. We don’t want the distractions and conflicts of other domains diluting our expertise or shifting our focus away from what matters to you.

Learn how Genuent can help you with your IT staffing needs.

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RSVP by going to Eventbrite. We will need an accurate head count in order to know how much pizza to order. Since there may be a large turnout, please only RSVP if you're certain you'll be coming.

Meeting Location: PROS

3100 Main
2nd floor
Houston, TX 77002

Suggested Parking:

Park across the street in the parking garage on Elgin on the 7th floor, taking a parking receipt as you enter the parking garage. Parking is free after 7:00 PM, so you won't have to pay as you exit. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor of the parking garage and walk across the sky bridge. The HJUG meeting will be on the 2nd floor on the left just before you reach the elevator bank.

About our venue sponsor: PROS

We aren't your run-of-the-mill software company. We're true to our word. When we say your success is our number one priority, we mean it. We'll work side-by-side with you to deliver on every promise every time. At PROS, we don't just see ourselves building software. We see ourselves as building blocks in our customers' success stories.

Our Core Values:

  • Ownership - We take responsibility.
  • Passion - We love what we do.
  • Pride - We accept only the best.
  • Trust - We can be counted on.
  • Integrity - We do what's right.
  • Innovation - We create possibilities.
  • Customer Centricity - We put our customers first.

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Recognize, Assess, Reduce, and Manage Technical Debt + Teaching Kids Java

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

3100 Main
2nd floor
Houston, TX 77002


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